Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mothers alarmed over milk formula recall

Cebu, Philippines (21 June)—Mothers and milk formula buyers in Cebu were alarmed over the reports that the Bureau of Food and drugs (BFAD) has ordered the recall from the market of about 2.5 million cans of infant formula milk that were manufactured from May 23-July 26 with brands Bona, Promil Kid, Promil and Progress Gold following reports of possible contamination.

Dr. Angelita Salarda, BFAD-7 health division said she received many phone calls from frantic mothers after they heard the report of the recall of the infant formula milk.

Reacting swiftly on the reports, the US-based Wyeth-Philippines issued an official statement that was given to the media that said, “No injury or sickness has been reported to the company apart from the discovery of rusts spots on the outside rims of the milk cans. Test conducted by Wyeth showed the milk powder inside the affected cans was not compromised and the integrity of the milk powder was maintained.”

Joshua Ramos, deputy director of BFAD said 4.5 million units of Wyeth infant formulas may have been contaminated in warehouses last year. BFAD verified the confidential report that containers of milk formula were exposed to the elements following typhoon Milenyo that was the basis for the recall that was issued on June 20.

Wyeth has reported to the bureau that only 2.5 million units of milk were affected and the milk in question was manufactured between May and July of last year. (PIA-Cebu/MBCN)

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