Monday, August 13, 2007

RDC-7 confirms PSR and non-voting members

Cebu, Philippines (13 August)—In a full council meeting of the Central Visayas Regional Development Council (RDC-7) recently, fifteen (15) private sector representations (PSR) and 11 non-voting members (SNVM) were confirmed as members to the Central Visayas RDC for the period July 2007-June 2010.

According to the RDC briefs, there are 14 slots available for private sector representations to the council two of which are taken from the labor and basic sectors while the remaining 12 are allocated by province based on the RDC approved formula of 60-20-20 (60% pop; 20% land area; 20% equal sharing).

Based on the formula, Cebu gets 5 seats, Bohol, 3; Oriental Negros, 3 and one seat for Siquijor. However, the elevation of Bogo and Carcar into cities increases the number of the RDC members which consequently increases the number of required PSR membership to the RDC into 15 which was allocated to Cebu.

Some 47 RDC-accredited private sector organizations within the region joined the simultaneous provincial PSR selection process on May 31, 2007 and the following private sector representatives have been confirmed by the RDC-7 during its full council meeting on August 10, 2007:

For Cebu: Emmanuel Rabacal, Robert Go and Teresa Fernandez were re-elected while Jose Mari Bigornia, Roderick Poca, and Geraldine Ruiz are newly elected PSRs.

For Bohol: all three PSRs are newly elected namely; Norris Oculam, Mirope Manlupig and Nemecio Monton. Oriental Negros has also newly elected PSRs with Eduardo Pedrosa, Ernesto Quiamco and Gregorio Uymatiao, Jr while Siquijor has re-elected Delfin Tampus.

The Private Sector Representations (PSR) to the RDC has been very instrumental in creating a GO-private sector tandem that resulted in well-thought off development projects within the regions. The elected PSRs will be distributed to the various sectoral committees of the RDC.

In similar developments, the RDC-7 full council also confirmed 11 agencies as special non-voting members (SNVM) to the RDC and they are; the AFP-CENTCOM; NYC-Visayas; PCUP-7; NFA-7; PCL-7; PNP-7; NTC-7; VMLP-Central Visayas chapter; OMA-Visayas region; OCD-7 and PHILEXPORTER.

As provided in the IRR of EO 325, the RDC may invite as many SNVMs as it deems necessary whose term shall also coincide with the regular term of local elective officials and the private sector representatives. (PIA-Cebu/MBCN)

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