Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cebu officials favor Abalos' resignation

Cebu City (2 October) -- The abrupt resignation of Commission on Elections (Comelec) Chairman Benjamin Abalos is just proper as an impeachment process in Congress will take a long time which means lawmakers will not be able to draft legislation which is their primary responsibility, commented a Cebu City councilor.

Councilor Sylvan Jakosalem who chairs the Committee on Transportation and Communication said if Abalos did not resign, congressmen will solely be busy on the process of unseating the Comelec chair and vital bills that need to be passed will have to be shelved aside.

House investigations are so time-consuming with the basis of conduct always in the guise of 'in aid of legislation,' Jakosalem said.

Cebu City Mayor Tomas OsmeƱa on the other hand, bared Abalos did the right thing as he could not function effectively under the circumstances with allegations hurled against him hanging over his head.

Cebu City North District representative Raul del Mar was quoted in a press statement that Abalos was "being most sensitive to the sentiments of the people."

Del Mar who is the deputy House speaker for the Visayas stated "In the bar of public opinion, he is already deemed guilty no matter what he says or does. With the resignation of Abalos, the impeachment complaint filed against him has become moot and academic."

Rep. Pablo John Garcia, vice chairman of the House committee on justice said Abalos' resignation spares Congress and the people from another sideshow. In the impeachment proceedings, evidences are secondary and grandstanding is primary, Garcia added.

Cebu City South District Rep. Antonio Cuenco said it could have been very difficult for the Comelec chief to arrive at such a decision.

The three Cebuano legislators are one in saying that Abalos' resignation was an "honorable thing to do."

Victory for the people is what Bayan Muna secretary general Arman Perez described Abalos' resignation. (PIA-Cebu/FCR)

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