Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Group extends registration of Japanese-Filipino children

Cebu City (16 October) -- An aid group has extended the registration of the Japanese-Filipino children in Central Visayas after a low turnout of registrants was observed.

The Center for Japanese-Filipino Children's Assistance (CJFCA), together with the Development Action for Women Network (DAWN), informed Friday that it extended the registration of JFCs until October 31, this year.

Natividad F. Benedicto, CJFCA's staff for Central Visayas, attributed the low registration turnout to the lack of awareness on the part of the public, especially the parents and relatives of these JFCs, on the ongoing activity.

Benedicto said her office has only registered 40 JFCs since the registration started in September. She informed, however, that she received calls from parents in Negros Oriental affirming their intentions to register.

The lack of required documents and transportation expenses on the part of the JFCs likewise contributed to the low registration turnout, Benedicto cited.

The CJFCA staff expressed her plans to hold the registration in the barangays, instead of having it at the regional office of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), to reach the families of the JFCs.

For the meantime though, she said she will still continue receiving registrants at the CHR office located at the corner of Rosal and Llorente Sts. here in the City.

Benedicto advised those who would like to register to bring an authenticated Birth Certificate, Authenticated Marriage Certificate (in case the parents were married), Baptismal Certificate, a letter from the Japanese father and other documents that may show their relationship.

The registration aims to get a socio-economic profile of the JFCs, to monitor their whereabouts, their situations and needs. The data gathered from this registration will serve as the baseline for possible interventions from concerned groups and from the governments of the Philippines and Japan. (PIA 7/ECD)

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