Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Implement anti-smoke belching law to address climate change

Cebu City (16 October) -- Strict implementation of the anti-smoke belching law is needed if we are serious in addressing the worsening issue of climate change, according to Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa-7) chief Engr. Oscar Tabada.

Tabada during the Association of Government Information Officers (AGIO-7) forum this morning that tackled the issue on global warming bared smoke emissions from vehicles and industries are major contributors to climate change.

Carbon dioxide released from vehicle emissions and industries for energy build up in the atmosphere that destroys the ozone layer which protects the environment from the harmful rays of the sun.

Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases largely brought about by carbon dioxide emission. About 60 percent of carbon dioxide emission is due to power plants while 20 percent is from methane gas coming from domestic wastes and the decay of matter, it is said.

The rapid urbanization to accommodate a burgeoning population adds to the problem as trees are cut to pave the way for new subdivisions and industries, Tabada said.

Trees effectively sequester the build-up of carbon dioxide gases in the atmosphere as tress trapped the gases before these could reach the stratosphere, Tabada further said.

Tabada noted that there is a need to correct human activities that compound the problem of climate change such as compliance to the anti-smoke belching law as well as the indiscriminate burning of plastic wastes.

The best way people could help fight climate change is to plant trees even in their backyards in order to sequester and neutralize the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and likewise make the environment cooler and healthier, the PAG-ASA 7 chief stressed.

Tabada said a humid climate at nighttime during the rainy period where it is supposed to be cold is one of the basic effects of climate change.

Cebu City Vice-Mayor Michael Rama has asked the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-7) to explain to the public how global warming can affect the lives of the community for a better understanding on the seriousness of the issue and how each individual can do his/her share to mitigate the problem. (PIA-Cebu/FCR)

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